Aspire Naturals was founded by a small family as the snow kissed the ground in the winter of 2019. They aimed to create unique and superior products that they could find joy in using. With a minimalist mindset, they curated specific products that could spark joy and happiness in their customers daily lives. Each product is designed to be tools of change as our customers continue flowing along the path of health and wellness. Our customer is an individual actively seeking to curate their space to bring clarity, healing and abundance. Thus, we ensure that every creation available for sale on Aspire Naturals is one that our customers can cherish, admire and enjoy. Our Best-Selling POMMIE™ diffuser launched in the spring of 2020 as the first of many rare creations to fill the homes of millions worldwide. POMMIE™ was Made with Love, and Filled with Healing to inspire our customers, our friends when they needed it the most. It is our intent to continue inspiring our friends and sharing the love! Peace and health to you!